《强烈推荐》震撼世界的演讲:《I HAVE A DREAM》看到你泪流满面!

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  I don't know what's your dream, I don't care you toward the dreams had met what kind of difficulties. That your heart thinking and thinking in the dream, she is likely, although you may think she is too difficult. She is not simple, it is difficult to change your life, in the process of striving for dreams, you will meet the failure of the countless, countless, countless pain, you will have questioned his own time, will ask god why this is my destiny.


  I just want to look after children, my parents, and not to steal to rob, why such a thing could happen to me? Have encountered difficulties, don't give up your dream, difficult days will come, but they always will be the past, great achievement not unrealistic, not like god only when got remarkable talent. She is really exist is that each of us in the heart, the important thing is that you have to believe in, you can do it.


  Most people married, day after day and then die of old age, they stop growing, stop exercising, stop trying to surpass himself, and then there are those who love complaining but don't try to change the status, most people don't want to strive for their dreams.


  Why is that?


  One reason is the fear of failure, "one thousand things than expected?" Is the fear of success, "I don't have the ability to control after one thousand success?" They don't want to take risks, you spend a lot of time to communication with others, want to let others like you, do you know other people more than the self-understanding, you watch them, know everything, they want to talk to them in a piece of, become just like them.

  原因之一就是害怕失败,“万一事情不如预期怎么办?” 再来就是害怕成功,“万一成功之后我没能力掌控怎么办?”他们完全不想承担风险,你花了大量的时间与他人交际,想让别人喜欢你,你认识他人比认识自我更多,你观察它们,知道他们一切事情,想跟他们混在一块,变得跟他们一样。

  But do you know? Spent so much time on them, and eventually lost self.


  I want you to learn to get along with his candid if you want to achieve a dream, you must remove your heart lu snake (loser), the men of his own dreams, life can have very different special significance. When you find yourself, slowly you will be different with others, began to have their own characteristics. But if you only know to follow others steps and imitate others, you will never become the strongest imitators, but you can be the best himself. I want you to find their own value, others can't see, can't participate in, will expand horizons for you This is you have to know.

  我要你学会与自己坦诚相处如果你想达成梦想,就必须将你心中的鲁蛇(loser)去除,朝自己梦想前进的人,生命会有截然不同的特殊意义。当你找到了自我,慢慢的你会与他人有所不同,开始拥有自己的特质。但若你只懂跟随他人脚步以及模仿他人,你永远无法变成最强的模仿者,但你可以成为最优秀的自己。我要你找到自己的价值,其他人看不见,无法参与,也不会为你拓展视野 这是你要了解的。

  You are unique, I want you to meet like-minded people, eager for success, hard work, those who want to create life, get along with a dream, a dream of people know: in your success. If you want to have more achievements, if you want to do some had never done before, that you have to invest oneself, must invest in yourself, don't let the prejudices of others become a part of your reality, not holding the mentality of victims through life, even if you met a daunting thing, also want to know you can do it, even if other people don't believe, you also should have confidence This is what I believe, to die!

  你是独一无二的,我要你结交志同道合的人,渴望成功的人,努力不懈的人,那些想要重新打造生命的人,与达成梦想的人相处,达成梦想的人知道:成功与否都在自己。如果你想要更有成就,如果你想要做些从未做过的事,那你就必须投资自己,一定要投资自己,不要让他人的成见成为自己现实的一部份,不要抱着受难者的心态渡过一生,就算你遇到了气馁的事情,也要知道你做得到,就算别人不相信,你也要有自信 这是我所相信的,至死不渝!

  No matter how bad situation, how dangerous in the future, I can do it, I want to represent a belief, represents a possibility that some of you may be thinking to be more a layer, want to have my own association, want to be engineers or doctors, believe that I can't get you, you can't get you think of hierarchy, unless you start to cultivate your own heart.


  You simply doesn't even have the habit of reading, I want you to listen to a speech, taking time, get along with yourself, and spent an hour trying to understand myself, until you find yourself. When you live out the self, to live out their own the fate, when you are a unique individual, you will be with the people around is different, I want you to do what others don't want you to reach others don't want to listen to your domain, because then you won't be all day thinking about how to please them, because you want to be different, you want to the next level.


  I want you to cultivate your own heart, if you are still talking about your dreams, also talking about your goals, but it didn't do anything, then you have to make the first move, first you can make your parents proud, let your school pride, you can have touched the lives of one million people, the world will be because of you, because you choose this road, don't let other people ruin your dream.


  In others refused or from time to time, or in a meeting you are releasing doves, or trust someone made you failed to live up to its promise, even if their own state of mind makes you stop again and again lost no power, or repeatedly every day thinking about your dream, then he said to his game isn't over, until I win.


  You can realize your dream!You can be.


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