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  Problem: Your boss wants a 'play-by-play of every meeting, email, and call'


  Solution:"Take detailed notes of every business interaction you have, and keep emailing them to your boss until she cries, 'Enough already.' Your salvation lies in a moment-by-moment recounting of the minutiae. Even the most determined micromanager knows she's being paid to focus on the big picture."


  Problem: You can't understand a word he's saying


  Solution:"Many bosses have poor communication. Comb the office for those who can interpret the Wizard's strange dialect, and debrief with them after every meeting until you master his special lingo. For ultra powwows, consider inviting his assistant to sit in and take notes, as she probably communicates with him more than anyone else on staff."


  Problem: He's losing his power


  Solution:"It's a good idea for you to stay loyal to your boss. If he is reassigned, you'll have an excellent chance of getting promoted. If he ends up losing his job and you've proven your fealty, he may take you with him to his next company. Even if he ends up leaving and you really want to stay, you'll get credit for staying loyal to him in a difficult situation."


  Problem: Your boss isn't allowing you to do the job you were hired to do


  Solution:"The best time to raise your concerns is during your yearly review. Dig for the facts. Find out if things work differently in other departments. Try to have some glowing emails about your performance with you, or better yet, real results to show for all of your hard work. Highlight all of the fabulous contributions you could make if you weren't saddled with so many clerical clunkers every day."


  Problem: Your boss is a hindrance against your own promotion


  Solution: "It's time to conjure up a brand new model for career advancement, one involving leaps rather than steps."


  "Imagine that you are an architect with the task of custom-building your own career trajectory. Vow to learn as much as you can from each stop along the way. But once your learning curve crashes into the proverbial y-axis, realize that it's time to make another leap to a brand-new job where you can master even more skills."


  Problem: He's interviewing people to replace you


  Solution: "Appearances can be deceiving. Your company could be expanding in which case your boss may need to hire two or three people at your level. That said, if you notice a long line of new hires camped out day after day, you owe it to yourself to find out what's going on."


  Problem: She hogs the limelight


  Solution:"In business, credit tends to go to the boss, regardless of who does the work. It may seem unjust. But this is how the business world operates."


  "Whatever you do, don't decide to announce your good news in large meetings without letting your boss know beforehand. Dropping the credit bomb in a meeting will create an air of distrust between you and your boss."


  Problem: Your boss credits someone else for coming up with your idea


  Solution:"Get into the habit of shooting your boss an email about your ideas before they have a chance to be watered down by the group. Last, guard your ideas while they are still in gestation. Don't discuss them with anyone on your team, unless that person happens to be your partner on the project. You don't need peer approval to move forward on any of your ideas. So guard them like a hawk until they are ready to be unveiled."


  Problem: You are the object of your boss' ridicule


  Solution:"Once a Bully locates your Achilles' heel, he'll continue to probe around the area until he brings you to your knees. You are far better off showing some spine rather than rolling over. After all, no one ever cowered her way into greatness. Make an appointment to sit down with your boss, and be sure to conduct this meeting behind closed doors."


  Problem: She needs constant attention


  Solution:"Your best strategy is to thank her for keeping you employed and shower her with appreciation for any shards of guidance she manages to toss your way. Phrases that appeal to the narcissistic temperament include: 'What a great idea,' 'I couldn't have done it without you,' and 'Thank you for getting behind this project.'


  Problem: She has grandiose visions for the department


  Solution:"She may speak in terms of profit and loss, but in reality something much more important is on the line: her own fragile sense of self-esteem. Try to learn from her how to stretch your own visions to become an even bigger success."


  Problem: Before lunch, she tells you one thing; after lunch, it's a different story


  Solution: "Pick the story that benefits you most and pursue that direction. Kick the habit of being dependent on her in the first place. Never ask for permission. Instead, simply inform her of your intentions. If she has a problem with any of your decisions, she'll let you know."


  Problem: He disses you in front of the whole staff


  Solution: "Apologize to him behind closed doors. While it may sound counterintuitive to apologize to someone for something that clearly wasn't your fault, amazing things happens when you can bring yourself to do so. An intimate bond is forged. All you have to say is something akin to, 'I blame myself for your outburst earlier today. Clearly, I've been relying on you too much. If you have any issues with me, I'd appreciate hearing about them in the privacy of my office.' "



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