"in+名词+of” 新概念短语汇总

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       在日常生活和考试应对中,英语的语法是重要的一关,但是会在不经意之间影响你对文本的理解和判断,新概念的英语语法更是学习重点。今天,洛基英语的小洛为你介绍"in+名词+of” 的新概念短语汇总。如果,你还想学习更多的英语学习资料,不妨尝试我们的在线英语培训吧!

       "in + 名词 + of” 短语在教材中有很多, 现归纳如下:

  1. in advance of在……之先, 胜过

  Galileo’s theory were in advance of the age in which he lived. 伽利略的思想超越了他所生活的时代。

  2. in behalf of 代表, 为了……的利益

  I did all I could in behalf of my friend. 为朋友的利益, 我做了所能做的一切。

  3. in case of 如果……发生, 如遇到……

  In case of danger, you must be calm. 如果遇到危险, 你必须镇定。

  注意: in the case of 就……来说, 至少

  4. in charge of 看护, 管理

  He is in charge of the school. 他负责管理这所学校。

  注意: in the charge of由……管理

  5. in course of 正在……之中

  The bridge is in course of construction. 大桥正在建设中。

  注意: in the course of 在……期间, 在……的过程中

  6. in consequence of ……的结果, 由于

  In consequence of heating, the length of the iron bar increased. 由于受热, 铁棒的长度增加了。

  7. in defence of 保卫, 为……辨护

  The soldiers fought bravely in defence of their country. 士兵们为保卫他们的国家英勇作战。

  8. in favour of 赞成, 有利于

  Everyone in the class voted in favour of the musical party. 班里每个人都投票赞成开个音乐会。

  9. in fear of 担心, 害怕

  The family that lived here fled in fear of the enemy. 住在这里的一家人因害怕敌人而逃走了。

  10. in front of 在……前面(范围以外)

  In front of the farmhouse sat a small boy. 一个小男孩坐在农舍前面。

  注意: in the front of 在……前部(范围内)

  11. in honour of 为了纪念……, 对……表示敬意

  The monument was erected in honour of the soldiers who died for the country.


  12. in memory of 为纪念……

  The stone pavilion is in memory of a famous poet. 这石亭是纪念一位着名诗人的。

  13. in place of 代替

  We can use plastic in place of wood or metal in industry. 我们在工业中能用塑料代替木材或金属。

  14. in point of 就……而论

  He is senior to me in point of experience. 以经验论他比我年长。

  15. in possession of 占有, 拥有

  The old man is in possession of great wealth. 这位老人拥有大笔财富。

  注意: in the possession of (某物)为(某人)所有

  16. in need of 需要

  Our school is in need of some teachers. 我们学校需要一些老师。

  17. in search of 寻找, 寻求

  I am looking everywhere in search of my key. 我正到处寻找我的钥匙。

  18. in sight of 能看得见, 在看得见……的地方

  How glad we were when we came in sight of the land. 当我们看到陆地时, 我们多么高兴啊。

  19. in spite of 尽管

  In spite of the heavy rain, he went out without delay. 尽管下大雨, 他还是立刻出发了。

  20. in view of 鉴于, 由于

  We must make up our minds at once in view of the urgency of the case.

  鉴于情况紧急, 我们必须立刻下定决心。

  21. in support of 支持, 支援

  The president spoke in support of a ban on arms supplies. 总统讲话支持武器禁运。

  22. in praise of 赞扬

  The leader spoke in praise of those who had died for the country. 领导人表彰为国捐躯的人民。

  23. in terms of 就……来说, 根据, 用……话来说

  He referred to your work in terms of high praise. 他对你的工作大加赞扬。

  We should consider problems in terms of the people’s interests. 我们应该从人民的利益出发考虑问题。


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