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1.How much is a commission?手续费是多少?

2.How much would you like to change?你想换多少?

3.What denomination do you want?你想要什么面额的?

4.What kind of currency do you want?你要换哪种货币?

5.What currency would you like to trade in?你想兑换什么钱?

6.Where can I change some money?能不能告诉我在哪里可以换钱?

7.Can you change this into dollars?请将这些外币兑换成美金!

8.What are your banking hours?请问你们的营业时间是几点到几点?

9.I might as well exchange a little extra.我还是多换一点儿好了。

10.Can you change this into Australian Dollars?你可以兑换成澳元吗?

11.May I have a map?请给我一份地图好吗?

12.OK. Excuse me. May I ask where we are now?好啊。对不起,请问我们现在是在什么地方?

13.Excuse me, sir. But could you tell me the nearest way to Sheraton?打扰一下,先生,你可以告诉我到喜来登酒店最近怎么走?

14.Can you tell me where the nearest toilets are?请问附近有厕所吗?

15.Can you tell me where the nearest ATM / cash machine is? 请问附近有自动取款机吗?

16.A table for two,please.2人位。

17.Could I see the menu, please? 可以给我看一下菜单吗?

18.Do you have a menu in chinese? 是否有中文菜单?

19.I'm not ready to order yet. 我还没想好点什么。

20.What is the house specialty? 你们的招牌菜是什么?

21.I'd like to have some local wine. 我想点当地出产的酒。

22.How far is it from here? 离这里有多远?

23.Is it possible to walk there? 可以走得到吗;

24.What is the best way to get there?怎样去那里最方便?

25.What is the name of this street?这条街叫什么?

26.How much is it per night? 每晚费用为多少?

27.Can I book a double room? 我可以订一间双人间吗?

28.How long will the flight be delayed?飞机将要延误多久?

29.When is the new boarding time?新登机时间是什么时候?

30.Is there any trouble with the aircraft?飞机有故障吗?

31.The flight will take four hours.此次飞行将需要四个小时。

32.The delay is due to heavy rain.因为大雨您的航班延误了。

33.I have to stay here tonight.看来我今晚不得不在这儿过夜了。

34.When is the next flight available? 下一班还有空位的班机几点?

35.It is said that we will be informed later.据说会稍后另行通知。

36.Can I help you? 要我帮忙么?

37.It all depends. 视情形而定。

38.It can happen to anyone .这是可能发上在任何人身上。

39.Take it or leave it . 要不要由你。

40.Enjoy your meal . 请慢慢享用吧。

41.That`s for sure .那是肯定的。

42.Thanks for the warning.谢谢你的提醒。

43.Thanks for your cooperation.多谢合作。

44.The sooner, the better . 愈快愈好。

45.That`s more like it . 那样才像话。

46.Look before you leap.三思而后行。

47.Are you free tomorrow ?你明天有空么?

48.I really regret it .我真的非常后悔。

49.Have him return my call .让他给我回电话。

50.We can work it out .我们可以解决这个问题。

51.I feel terrible about it . 太对不起了。

52.That`s worthwhile.那是值得的。

53.Don`t worry about it . 别担心。

54.That rings a bell .我总算想起来了。

55.Nothing is impossible to a willing heart .心之所愿,无事不成。

56.Don`t miss the boat . 不要坐失良机。

57.What makes you say you ?你怎么这么说呢?

58.A re you used to the food here ? 你习惯吃这的饭菜么?

59.Help yourself , please.请自己用。

60.Suit yourself. 随你便。

61.Your satisfaction is guaranteed .包你满意。

62.That`s disgusting.真讨厌。

63.Don`t be so modest.别这么谦虚。

64.That`s just what I was thinking . 我也是这么想的。

65.Be my guest.请便/别客气。

66.lt`s a waste of time . 这是浪费时间。

67.You`ve got a point there .你说的有道理。

68.That`s not a problem .那没问题。

69.l was just about to call you . 我正准备打电话给你。

70.What is it about ? 这是关于什么的?

71.l couldn`t agree more . 我完全同意。

72.Let me get back to you.我过一会打给你吧。

73.We can get by .我们过得去。

74.l couldn`t get thorugh.我打不通电话。

75.l couldn`t help it . 我没有办法。

76.Let me put it this way .让我这么说吧。

77.You`ve got it.你明白了。

78.What is it like there?那儿怎么样?

79.It dosen`t make any difference . 都一样。

80.It dosen`t matter to me .这对我来说无所谓。

81.Please let me know .请告诉我一声。

82.lt`s about time . 时间不多了/是时候了。

83.That`s not true . 那是不对的。

84.You `ll get used to it .你会习惯的。

85.It dosen`t work .它出故障了。

86.It wouldn`t worry about it ,if l were you .如果我是你,我就不会担心。

87.l`ll treat you to diner. 我想请你吃晚饭。

88.lt won`t take much time .不会花很多时间的。

89.l can`t stand it. 我受不了。

90.Better late than never.迟到总比不做好。

91.Do you often take exercese?你经常锻炼身体么?

92.Where is the rest room , please ?请问洗手间在哪?

93.I have nothing to do with it .那与我无关。

94.lt takes time .这需要时间。

95.Don`t mention it .不必客气。

96.Where do I board the train?我应该从什么地方上车呢?

97.Where is the ticket office/window?请问售票处/窗口在哪里?

98.Where is the ticket office/window?请问售票处/窗口在哪里?

99.What time does the No.8 train leave every day?八次列车每天几点发车?

100.What time does the No.8 train leave every day?八次列车每天几点发车?















First left/right第 一个转左/右的路

单程票:single ticket

往返票:return ticket


软卧:soft berth

普通卧铺:ordinary berth

头等车厢:first class

二等车厢:second class

三等车厢:third class

机场费 airport fee

出站(出港、离开) departures

国际机场 international airport

登机手续办理 check-in

国内机场 domestic airport

登机牌 boarding pass (card)

机场候机楼 airport terminal

护照检查处 passport control immigration

国际候机楼 international terminal

行李领取处 luggage claim; baggage claim

国际航班出港 international departure

国际航班旅客 international passengers

国内航班出站 domestic departure

中转 transfers

卫星楼 satellite