Dream is like the stars in the sky, maybe you can never touch, but if you follow them, they will lead you to find the way of life.

----- 梦想就像天上星星,也许你永远无法触碰,但如果你跟随它们,它们将引领你找到人生路。

What is your dream?-- My dream is to speak perfect English smoothly-----你的梦想是什么?--我的梦想是说出一口流利的英语。

First of all,we need to know your English level -- 首先,我们需要了解你的英语等级。

Test One About Pronunciation语音检测(2' × 5 = 10')

1. Meat 对应的音标

  • A [miːt]
  • B [mit]
  • C [met]
  • D [meit]

2. [treɪd] 对应的单词

  • A trend
  • B trade
  • C tad
  • D train


  • A sum, same
  • B tame, time
  • C person, pencil
  • D sun, son


  • A bare, bear
  • B baron, barren
  • C bough, bow
  • D break, brink


  • A jacket, name
  • B. fine, quilt
  • C. pen, he 
  • D. OK, go

Test Two About Vocabulary Meaning词义检测(2' × 5 = 10')


  • A 球,球状体
  • B 舞会
  • C 快乐的时光
  • D 打球


  • A 表演
  • B 电脑记忆力的数字
  • C 能力
  • D 套裙


  • A newspaper,magazine
  • B great,high
  • C beautiful,pretty
  • D smart,excellent


  • A telephone,cellphone
  • B pill,drug
  • C ability,liability
  • D responsible, accountable


  • A depend on
  • B rely on
  • C be up to 
  • D decide

Test Three About Vocabulary 单词检测(3' × 10 = 30')

1. I keep studying English ____ as my habit

  • A. three hours every day
  • B. three-hour-day
  • C. three hours'
  • D. three-hour's

2. Lucy likes writing ____ diaries and novels

  • A. five-thousand-words
  • B. five-thousands-word
  • C. five-thousand-word
  • D.five-thousands-words

3. Her boyfriend is poor so that he buys some ____ flowers for her.

  • A. artificial
  • B. unnatural
  • C. false
  • D. unreal

4. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough ____

  • A. nuisance
  • B. trouble
  • C. worry
  • D. anxiety

5. The rain was heavy and ____ the land was flooded

  • A. continuously
  • B. constantly
  • C. consistently
  • D. consequently

6. I hate people who ____ the end of a film that you haven't seen before

  • A. revise
  • B. rewrite
  • C. reveal
  • D. reverse

7. There were no tickets ____ for Friday's performance.

  • A. preferable
  • B. considerable
  • C. possible
  • D available

8.The game ____ you to a free meal in our new restaurant.

  • A. grants
  • B. entitles
  • C. credits
  • D. gives

9.She is a good student and studies hard because sometime she was so ____ in her study that she didn't notice her mother coming in with a bottle of milk.

  • A. attracted
  • B. absorbed
  • C. drawn
  • D. Concentrated

10.The flood did a lot of damage to our town: most of the houses were ____ and we had nowhere to live.

  • A. wrecked
  • B. spoiled
  • C. torn
  • D. injured

Test Four About Grammar语法检测(3' × 10 = 30')

1.He goes to work ____

  • A. By bus
  • B. On bus
  • C. On feet
  • D. By feet

2.Xiao Fang is young,but she plays ping-pong ____ her mother.

  • A. As good as
  • B. As well as
  • C. As better as
  • D. As best as

3. I would love ____ to the cinema yesterday , but I had to stay home, looking after my sick mother.

  • A. going
  • B. having gone
  • C. to go
  • D. to have gone

4.____ do you like about the painting?
The living birds are ___ makes me interested in it.

  • A. How; what
  • B. what ; that
  • C. How; that
  • D. what ; what

5. The traffic in the city was ____ today, so Mary got home earlier than usual.

  • A. heavy
  • B. weak
  • C. scare
  • D. light

6. Except for some short songs and poems ____ in his play,all of Shakespeare's greatest poems are sonnets.

  • A. include
  • B. including
  • C. included
  • D. includes

7. Wordsworth and Keats ____ some such poems, but that is not what they are famous for.

  • A. write
  • B. writing
  • C. wrote
  • D. writes

8. The ideas of Archimedes influenced western scholars for centuries after his death and he ____ as one of the greatest scientists of ancient times.

  • A. regard
  • B. regarding
  • C. regarded
  • D. is regarded

9. In January, 2010, the United States Library of Congress ___ Katherine the national ambassador for young people's literature.

  • A. name
  • B. naming
  • C. named
  • D. is named

10. He was very tired ____ doing this for a whole day.

  • A. of
  • B. from
  • C. to
  • D. that

Test Five About Reading Comprehension.阅读理解(4' × 5 = 20')

Read this paragraph and answer the following questions.

People are generally inclined to cherish the memory of their childhood . Be it happy or sad, it is always regarded as the most significant part of one's life. Many early impressions and habits are so deeply etched in one's character and temperament that they will affect him all through his life.

Talking of my childhood, I'm forever grateful to my good parents.To them I owe my habit of living a quiet and simple life and my "back to nature" propensity. They gave me a happy and clean environment so that I am now able to feel content under any circumstances.I have a deep respect and love for life. I have often inadvertently touched upon my childhood life here and there in my previous writings. Now when someone suggested that I write exclusively on the topic of my childhood, I thought it worth a try and hence set pen to paper without reluctance.

Let me begin with my family background. My father was a high-ranking naval officer. He was very healthy and strong and I do not remember ever to have found him confined to bed by sickness. My grandfather, also very healthy and strong,died wihout illness at the age of 86. My mother, however, was very thin and weak, often suffering from headaches and blood-spitting----an illness I was once also liable to. I was caused not by pulmonary tuberculosis,but by the enlarged bronchial tubes or overwork and care. In short, my mother was a very gentle and quiet woman. She spent her time either working or reading. She lived a very calm life.(选自中国现代散文选)

1.According to the writer,which part will be the most important part of one's life?

  • A. childhood
  • B. youth
  • C. senior
  • D.death

2.In Paragraph 1,what is the meaning of the word"etched"?

  • A. depicted
  • B. protrayed
  • C. carved
  • D. embedded

3.What can we know from it about the sentence"I do not remember ever…by sickness?"

  • A. my father has been lying on the bed

  • B.my father has never sicked before

  • C.my father has never been lying on a sickbed

  • D.my father has ever sicked for a long time

4.Which one is not the characteristics of the writer's mother?

  • A. kind
  • B. silent
  • C. frank
  • D. calm

5.Who will be the writer of the paragraph?

  • A. 鲁迅
  • B. 徐志摩
  • C. 冰心
  • D. 老舍